Lemons or Lemonade? You Choose!

A couple of years ago, I was looking to add some plants in my house. We didn’t really have many plants in the house and it was something I missed, previously having many plants in our old house. Sadly, we had to find them new homes when we moved across the country and then simply never got around to getting new plants for our new home.

“I want a lemon tree!” I exclaimed to my husband one day. He looked at me with a puzzled face, “A lemon tree?! You know we live in Canada right?! How are you gonna grow a lemon tree here?!”. I went on to explain that we would keep it inside and give it lots of sun and “it will be fine!”. Now, my husband doesn’t argue (under almost ANY circumstance he will let me be right, regardless of who is really “right”), so he went along with my idea. He did have some good points, one of them being, how I would find one but I had it all covered. Little did he know, I had done my research! I’d googled growing fruit straight from the seed and found that I could grow a lemon tree from the seed of an organic lemon. At least, that’s what Google had to say about it, so why not?

Off I went to my local grocery store and bought a couple of organic lemons. I was so excited to get home and get the seeds ready. There was some prep involved to remove the husk of the seeds. Which I chose to do but hear is optional and simply speeds up the germination process. Once all the seeds were prepped, I was ready to plant them!

It’s been a couple of years since…

I am proud to say that I HAVE A LEMON TREE! Okay, it’s small but the progress has been really fruitful so far! To imagine that from a seed that was in a lemon, in a grocery store, likely soon to be in the garbage and then a landfill (maybe it would have been composted depending on who bought it), long to be forgotten; now grows a small tree that will hopefully, eventually grow it’s very own lemons. Much like the very lemon they originally came from.

But why a lemon tree? Well, for one, lemons offer tons of benefits, so having them around is probably not a bad idea. But anyone who knows me well, knows that in my eyes everything has a meaning, everything has to have a meaning. There IS ALWAYS a deeper meaning… a story… a lesson… And to me, lemons had great meaning…

When you first taste a lemon, it is sour. It makes your faces smirk and squint in weird ways, it might make you quiver or get goosebumps. Many people relate this to a bad experience. But then, if you change perspectives and look at what you can do with a lemon… you can make lemonade with it! Mmmmmm… I mean, why not??? Lemonade, tastes so good! And yet, it comes from that same, sour lemon. With a slight adjustment, you have taken that lemon and created a delicious thirst quenching drink! Many people relate this to a good experience…

With lemons, we CAN make lemonade!
Keyword here is CAN!

You see that??? The choice we have? We don’t make lemonade instantly, out of pure instinct. But we can CHOOSE to make lemonade with our lemons if we WANT to.
Do we want to? I guess that’s up to us. But we have to question… do we really like biting straight into a sour lemon? Or would we prefer putting in the tiny bit of effort to make some lemonade and quench our thirst?

We choose our perspective (whether we realize it or not) and sometimes, a little effort may be required to turn Lemons into Lemonade!

So with this story and lesson, I introduce to you my most recent design…
Lemons or Lemonade? You Choose!