Mélanie Edison is a person with a complex past. She plays the role of daughter, wife and mother of 3! She has learned much through various means, rarely through the standard educational systems or methods. Her professional background is large and vast. She could write about her education and bore you with previous jobs and careers in order to try and prove her value to you (she really does have great credentials!). But she doesn’t like to go that route and she doesn’t need or want to impress you. So she will stop saying she for a bit and I will tell you about me…

The stories you find here are based on my journey. I am an open-minded skeptic… looking for answers in unconventional places. Agnostic would probably be the best way to describe my belief system. Although I don’t like labels or believe in religion. I’ve chosen to base my beliefs on my personal experiences.

Even as a young child I knew there was more to our world than what our eyes can see. Growing up I questioned everything. Trying to find the answer to life’s most complicated questions. Armored with nothing but inner childhood wisdom, I quickly realized that in order to find the answers I was seeking, I would not be able to rely on my schooling education, on a dictated religion nor any funded institution.

The first thing I think I learned was all the infiltrated lies. All the lies pretending to be truth, I could see right through all of those lies. I’m not talking about family or upbringing lies but more the historical, religious and political lies. Thinking it was dumb for them to even try to feed us all those lies. I came to realize, that everyone else was eating up those lies, just like Christmas dinner in disguise.

I always questioned, why?

Wondered where I came from… why I was here… what I was to do… They told me about a Grand Creator… but I was left to wonder…who? “Who created the Creator?”. Nothing I was told ever made sense. So I took it upon myself to find answers and use my common sense.

This website is divided into 2 main sections: “She writes…” and “She Draws…”. The best way to find out more about me and my journey is through reading my Blog, She Writes….

In this Blog I share my personal experiences while on a journey to self discovery. I test theories of the less explained through various household experiments. I expose some of my poetry and show you who I really am.

“She Draws…” is where I share my designs through means of my boutique called ‘Endless Synchronicities’. If you want to support me, the best way is to purchase a product featuring one of my designs.

Each design I make holds a story (some soon to be shared), this is where it all comes together. There is an inspiration with much meaning behind every design I create. Some even hold a valuable lesson. Occasionally, I will share the story behind one of my designs.

I invite you to explore, peruse and discover.

I have many flaws, ones I try and learn from. I’m not perfect, you will not find perfection here. I just want to share, help and maybe inspire. I’m perfectly imperfect (in so many ways). I like it that way.

Thank you for being here 🙂

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