Her Unexpected Journey

The girl, she never thought she would marry

As an only child, she only knew to be lonely

Playing the field was just too easy

She thought there was no one and only


Then there was an office party

He was kind and quite the hottie

He rubbed her feet, was kind of silly

She said “do it daily and I’ll marry”


That day came, they chose to marry

And they wanted to have a baby

3 years went by on their journey

The problem, infertility


Finally, with the help of a doctor

There was something to hope for

The couple finally had one

When they thought they could have none


The second was a surprise

She even did the test twice

“2” came amidst the first snow fall

‘Twas an event, full moon and all


So happy they were, they couldn’t find the words

They never really thought, they would ever have a third

But one day, oops, it had to be

Sweet little baby number three


Looking back she is so happy

Knowing she’s blessed with family

She’ll never have to worry

About spending her days lonely