How long can we deny it?

A poem I wrote last night. It came to me while washing dishes. Kind of odd as I havent written anything close to a poem since high school. Thought I would share this new found creativity with you:

“We are brought into this world…
Without knowing what we’re told…
Then we’re thrown into a system…Without Wisdom
Its so frigid and cold… It’s like prison
They taught us in school… How to follow the rules
But they took us for fools… And didn’t give us the tools
They put us in a box… Filled with corners, walls and blocks
They taught us about history… And left out a big mystery
They had to tell us those lies… So they could keep their disguise
We were then told to continue… Or there would be no venue
It’s almost as if… They try to kill the purpose in you
They gave us food that was mutated… And soil that was depleted
To give us medication… With no alternative solution
They kept our name… And then gave us a number
Turned it into a game… So that they didn’t blow their cover
Making incredibly sure… We never ponder nor discover
The many truths that they kept… Never left to uncover
They say it’s the 2 percent… Who don’t struggle to pay rent
The only problems is… That it’s a private event
And you need to get in… If your planning to win
If you’re goal is to win… There’s just one way to get in
It’s too bad the only option… Is to be part of the corruption
Why do we fear… Holding near and dear?
It’s because we are taught… To steer clear… And fear
If only we could find hope… We might be able to cope
And break free from all the lies… And ties
If only we could realize…
And start to compromise… And empathize
Remove our programming… All the brainwashing…
And stop following…
Now if only we could see… Just how amazing we can be
Just maybe we could find… The key to unity
Maybe even free… All of humanity
You see, our body holds… The key to the untold
Please… Take the chemicals away
Our body is made to heal… In it’s own way
The only reason it doesn’t?
Is ’cause BigPharma doesn’t want it!
How long can we deny it?”

Written by Mélanie Edison on May 1st 2018