My Feng Shui Experiment

I knew very little about Feng Shui but as I was learning reiki, studying more about crystals and getting back into Tarot and Numerology, I figured… why not? But then again, I am a Thinking Type. So of course, I believe it when I see it or experience it myself. Much of this kind of thinking is what brought me to where I am today, I need to know and understand the unexplained and unknown. That’s when I decided to delve into learning abit about Feng Shui.
As with all things, I like to get informed before acting. I like to know different methods and techniques, see what’s most suitable for me, not for everyone else. What makes sense to me, is what works for me. Just as what makes sense to someone else, is what works for someone else. So I had a Google binge and looked up all the different ways of approaching Feng Shui.
I was introduced to all kinds of new words like Bagua and Luo Pan. I noticed 2 different ways of calculating my homes Bagua, Classic and Western. I studied both enough to be able to determine which connected with me best. A Feng Shui Bagua is basically an energy map of your home that determines which areas of your space are related to different aspects of your life. I chose to go with the Classical as it went more based on direction rather than just based on my front door. Because the direction of my house is relevent since the direction does ‘exist’, I really felt like I should take that into account. The western method seems to focus more on just the inside of the house not really taking the direction of the house into account as much as with the Classical method. This decision was not too much of a surprise to me as I tend to like learning the classic methods when I begin something new. Get the root info first, you know? I mean, how can you truly know something if you are basing your knowledge on modified ways? This is also the way I went with reiki, learning the original Shiki Ryoho Method of Healing developed by Dr. Usui
I then started my Feng Shui journey by learning how to calculate the Bagua of my home using the Classic method. I found this video to be very helpful and it was a base to my learning.
I should probably explain what brought me to Feng Shui in the first place. Although all my new found spiritual learnings and reiki had helped me in many aspects of my life, my relationship with my husband was struggling. We loved each other dearly but kept hitting snags in our communications together and in many areas we could just not find a point of cooperation and understanding. This was a huge problem as we both knew we loved each other so very much. Something was off… In fact, something was off since we had moved into the house we were living in. I started to realize that I may have found the key as to why!
This led me to my first ‘experiment’. And I say ‘experiment’ because although I put complete trust in believing, I really like to see results to prove the theories and methods I adopt.
The first thing I noticed was something about our bed. I discovered during my research on the subject that our bed was in what they call the ‘mortuary’ position. Which was probably not the best thing for our relationship. Just the name of the position seems to say it all! Not only was my bed facing the door but it was perfectly aligned with the door!
Then, I read about the importance of a firm steady headboard. Well, we had no headboard! Hmm, things were starting to make some sense. Reality was, our headboard, if anything at all was a window! Our bed had been in that position since we had moved in. I had wanted to move the furniture around in the past but my husband was reluctant saying that the bed ‘looked’ good where it was. I asked him to make a compromise and try out something new for just one month. If he didn’t like it, we could change it. He agreed that it was worth a try.
We started by moving the bed around to a better position in the room. We also tried to make sure the flow was good both esthetically as well as energetically. We tried out best to make sure there were no poison arrows pointing at the bed noticing there were many. Once complete, we were pleased with the room. Things were getting better but the huge change happened when we finally purchased a proper bed. We had forgotten that our bed frame on the floor was but a temporary fix when we had moved in. Buying a real bed with an actual headboard was what made a major impact. Our place of sleep was finally a well positioned, relaxing, welcoming place to be. Things were better for my day to day but also in my relathionship, it was great! Up until a few weeks later…
My powerful discovery
About 3 weeks later, I started having trouble falling asleep, even when using “My ‘OFF’ Switch”. Almost every aspect of my life seemed to be struggling as well. I felt like crap and had trouble getting through each day. About 2 or 3 days into my streak of ‘not so great’ days and nights, I started to question what was going on, on a more energetic level. That same evening, as I went to go to sleep I noticed something. Something so small and seemingly unnoticeable but it really was ‘Eureka!’ to me. I had found it! At least, I would need to test to be sure but I was pretty sure I had found it! A poison arrow pointing right at me!
When we reorganized our room, I had intricately placed all items on my dressers and shelves in very specific ways as to not have any poison arrows pointing at the bed. I remembered very specifically how I had placed a certain piece of decor. And somehow, it must have got hooked one day, just enough to turn it oh so slightly at a different angle… But none the less it moved and what I believe is a very strong poison arrow, was pointing right at me! The culprit? A little wooden statue of a ballet dancing couple. The poison arrow was the females pointed toes, the arabesque position had her toes pointing right at me! I decided this would be a great time to test it out and see just how much of an impact Feng Shui really has. So, I repositioned it to its original angle and went to bed anxious to see how the night would go. I woke up the next morning, after a full nights sleep! I hadn’t slept a full night for days!
A few days later, I was mentioning this discovery to an acquaintance, he mentioned that I should try moving it again and see what happens but in a way that I wouldn’t know it moved. This was so it would not impact my perception of things, like the placebo effect.  So I had my husband move it without telling me to see if I noticed. Which of course, theory proving right, he moved it without telling me and within a dayof that, I noticed something off. I went to bed and looked, he had indeed done his duty and had moved it witout telling me. I asked when he had done that and he said a day or so ago.
Did this mean that something so small as a pointed toe could influence my sleep and life in tremendous way? Did this prove Feng Shui? Well, I can’t really answer those questions for you but I can say one thing…
I now try and pay more attention to things like pointed arrows. I did make me realize that there’s more to how we place our furniture and which colors we choose to add to a room, than just making it look nice. This experiment has also led me to move onto working on other areas of my house, such as the living room which falls in the areas of health, family and wealth. More to come on that later on…